Looking to improve your swim technique but don’t know where to start? Are you a novice swimmer looking for some great tips to get you started? Are you an experienced swimmer looking for that little bit extra to give you the edge? If the answer to these is yes, then look no further!

New Flume Pool Dates :

  • We are now at the flume pool most Thursday evenings and some Saturdays. Please contact us for more details

We are now offering tailored flume pool analysis packages aimed at working towards improving your technique over a block of sessions. These are available as either 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute sessions. They are suitable for all levels and come in a block of 5 sessions. An example of the structure of sessions is below. Each individual will get their own structured plan.

Session 1 - initial video analysis sessions, identifying key areas to work on

Session 2 - breathing and impact on your stroke

Session 3 - hand entry into the water

Session 4 - initial part of the underwater pull

Session 5 - wrap up session

Prices for this exclusive, tailored package are:

5x30 minute sessions - normal price £175, package price £150

5x45 minute sessions - normal price £250, package price £220

5x60 minute sessions - normal price £350, package price £310

Contact us at chris@ucanswim.co.uk for more details or to book your block of sessions

We offer private flume pool swim analysis sessions for all abilities. Time spent in the flume is all about your technique and how we can improve this through informative and detailed feedback. This is done through videoing your swimming via two over water and one under water camera. This is then played back to you, so you get instant feedback. We then work through the pertinent points and work through drills and pointers to improve your technique and therefore your swimming.

We strongly believe that technique is key to swimming, whatever level you’re at. “Swim slow to get fast” is a philosophy that we strongly believe in as it allows you to concentrate on your technique whilst swimming. The time in the flume will bring this to fruition. Flume pool sessions are available on a one to one basis, but we also offer this opportunity out to groups of swimmers (clubs or just a group of friends) where we can block book out the pool for you.


Screenshot showing a paused shot of an underwater frontcrawl shot. Here its showing current stroke underwater and ideally where it needs to be - invaluable feeback.

Control of all video analysis feedback, showed back via ipad/TV.

The flume pool itself in all its glory!

Sessions are available in either 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. If you feel you would like something different from this, it’s no problem, contact us to discuss.


We also offer tailored, structured training plans to suit your swimming and lifestyle so you get the best out of your swimming. As an example, please see one of the packages we offer below (others are available):

  • Monthly 30 minute video analysis session in the flume.
  • Two sessions per week (these sessions are tailored to your swimming) and sent via email for you to do in your own time during the week.
  • Cost for this package is £60 per month

Flume Pool Session Pricing

  • 30 minute Individual Session - £35 
    Ideal for a quick look over your stroke
  • 45 minute Individual Session - £50
    Perfect for a more in depth analsis your stroke
  • 60 minute Individual Session - £70
    Covers an in depth analysis of your stroke, with plenty of time to analyse your stroke in detail

Prices include the following:

  • Time in the flume pool
  • Full video analysis
  • Technique pointers and drills during the session
  • Your videos of the session sent to you after the session
  • Detailed notes of the session including relevant drills/technique skills to work on


Payment & Cancellation Details:

Payment for any flume session will be needed no later than 24 hours before your booked session time unless otherwise agreed. Any cancellations within a 24 hour period before your booked session will result in no refund of your session.

If you cancel part way through a block of sessions, you will be refunded at the normal full price of the sessions, not the discounted rate.


The flume pool is located in Saltney, a suburb of Chester with easy access in and out of the estate it’s located in. If you wish to book a session, or would like more details, please contact Chris at the following:

Email: chris@ucanswim.co.uk

Phone: 07738 966626